Psihološko svetovanje
Ana Arzenšek

Ustvarjamo pozitivne spremembe.

It's never too late to become what you might have been. (George Elliot)

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About psychological counseling

Life is beautiful if we live it fully and happily. But we all sometimes encounter a problem that we can't solve by ourselves. Our own beliefs hinder us from achieving the desired goals and causing internal conflicts, distress, feelings of anxiety or emptiness. Usually these limiting beliefs have their own secret causes with an important message. Through the process of psychological counseling a client is able to understand background of causes of his problems as well as to develop strategies to deal with them. With the help of a professional counselor problems become an opportunity for personal growth and for a better quality of life.

Psychological counseling is a process carried out by a qualified psychologist. It is appropriate for individuals with everyday life problems in their private or career life. It is also a form of preventive treatment before important decisions or events take place or as a support in personal growth.

Psychological counseling is a cycle of targeted interviews that last 60 minutes for individuals and 70 minutes for couples and families. The price for individual counseling is 50 euros per hour (45 for students). The price for couple counseling is 60 euros per hour. The price for psychological opinion in written form is 70 euros (only upon prior treatment). E-sessions are also possible by using applications with sound and video streaming.

Psychological counseling is focused on finding internal resources of clients. Variety of techniques are used in order to achieve a systematic change in behavior. My mission is changing basic beliefs about  clients' views of themselves, others and the world as well as to empower clients to use their own resources and develop skills to achieve personal goals and meaningful changes.